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Telecomunications, CCTV, Access Control,Audio, Video, Cabling
About Us

Our goal at Voitech Communications is to provide you with the latest technology available in the world of Surveillance, Communications, Networking/Wireless infrastructure, Sound & Video Systems.

We will provide you with user-friendly solutions to meet your specific needs.

Not only do we pride ourselves in providing the latest technologies, we can also provide you with a solution in your budget

We also understand that there is a learning curve in using the new technologies and offer training with the installation of any product or service.

Services Offered:

CCTV Systems (Security Camera Systems)
  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • System Upgrades
  • Analog, Digital and IP solutions available


  • Phone system installation and programming
  • Moves, adds and changes
  • Repairs
  • System Upgrades


  • Installation of data, voice and CCTV cabling
  • Wire tracing
  • Cable management
  • Structured wiring


  • Residential and Commercial solutions available
  • Video intercom systems
  • Repairs
  • System Upgrades


  • Hotspots for your community or business
  • Point to point connections where copper or fiber will be too costly
  • Wireless mesh networks


  • Residential and Commercial solutions available
  • Single and multizone solutions
  • Repairs
  • System Upgrades